Things To Do This Summer in North Alabama

North Alabama

Summers are the times when families wish to travel and soak in the sun for a beautiful tan. The kids are away from school for a few months and expect their parents to take them to various destinations. While staying in and making ice cream also sounds like a good idea, that’s no fun!

Here are some fun ideas for traveling and doing things in North Alabama this summer.

Visit the Insanity complex

The insanity complex is located in Madison and is an excellent place for fun-filled activities. The place welcomes its visitors with many opportunities to try new games like laser tag, mini golf, arcade games, and many more.

Insanity complex

The children’s Museum of the Shoals

It is located in Florence and is an educational tour for you and your kids. You should visit the place if you wish to keep in touch with your academic side, even during your summer vacation. With great activities like digging dinosaur bones, playing a giant keyboard, maneuvering a steamboat, and many more activities, it keeps the kids entertained throughout the entire day.

IVY Green

You can visit Ivy Green in Tuscumbia, Helen Keller’s birthplace. You can learn more about the deaf and blind seven-year-old girl’s life by taking a stroll down her cottage.

Cook Museum of natural science

If you’re a science lover, this is the place you have to go! The museum will engage not only you but also your entire family and friends. It also offers immersive cave experiences and other exciting tours that can take your breath away.

Alabama music hall of fame

It is located in Tuscumbia and allows the visitors to look closely at the most outstanding musicians like Hank Willians, Nat king Cloe, and many others of the previous eras.

Hays Nature preserve

This ten-mile trail in Huntsville is a haven for nature lovers, with swamps, wetlands, sloughs, and others. It is also a place suitable for all hiking and mountain biking lovers. They even provide their visitors with that luxury if they want to go horse riding. The wildlife abounds with animals like raccoons, rabbits, deer, and other migratory birds.

Belle Chevre

Belle Chevre Tours

Belle Chevre is a creamery which is located in Elkmont, famous in the region for making goat cheese. It also holds classes to showcase to its visitors how the best American goat cheese is made. Tasting seminars and bars generally follow these sessions.

Albama Vetrnas museum

History lovers love the museum as it imparts excellent knowledge. It comprises the olden-day weapons and other artifacts used in the Revolutionary war. It also compares olden and present-day war artifacts, depicting the apparent change in revolution. The visitors are also allowed to see a glimpse of the uniform, tools, and weapons used by old army men.

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