Places to Take a Summer Vacation in Alabama

Summer Vacation in Alabama

Alabama is a beautiful state located in the southeastern region of the United States, and it has plenty of sites to offer its visitors. The state provides the finest locations, especially for summer visitors.

In this article, we have coined 8 of such extraordinary places to take a summer vacation in Alabama.

Fort Payne

The most suggested place to visit in Alabama offers various options to explore, like the Little River Canyon, National Preserves, and other outdoor activities. Fort Payne is also called the seat of DeKalb County and is now famous as a summer vacation spot with scenic beauty and popular swimming holes. This place offers everything for anyone looking for an ‘entire vacation experience!

The Gulf Shores

The beautiful beaches with white sand, the coastal views, and the waves tickling your feet are among the best feelings during the summer months. The gulf shore offers them all. The visitors can also enjoy a round of fishing, hiking the Hugh Branyon Backcountry trail, and soaking like the Gulf zoo.


If nature and outdoor activities are your forte, this place offers the best outdoor activities at Delano Park and National Wildlife Refuge. The Point Mallard Park is also home to the first wave pool in Alabama, which makes it a must-visit for all tourists. In addition, Decatur is called ‘The River City,‘ increasing its importance in the summer months.


It is the historic capital of Alabama that you can add to your trip to the state. In addition, it imparts education by showcasing the Alabama Department of Archives and History, the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, the Montgomery zoo, and Riverfront Park’s beach.


It is located in Baldwin County and is considered one of the charming towns of Alabama. It offers a breathtaking view of Mobile Bay and shopping and fishing opportunities for all nature lovers. It is also a city lovers’ destination, comprising many retail establishments and authentic eateries.


Due to the wide range of attractions the city has, it is called the most famous town in Alabama. Some recommended places are the Birmingham Botanical Garden, the Birmingham zoo, the Birmingham museum of art, Railroad Park, and many more!

Mobile Bay

Mobile Bay

This city is for you if you enjoy warm weather with a gushing cool breeze. With a spectacular view of the Gulf of Mexico, it considers you one of its own. Some interesting places worth a visit include Gulf Quest, the National Museum of the Gulf of Mexico, the USS Alabama, etc.


Florence is called ‘The Renaissance City‘ and is best known for offering great activities for all the explorers. One of the best adventurous activities includes fishing and boating on the Tennessee River. Some of the other places to visit also include Rosenbaum House, Wichahpi Commemorative Stone Wall, etc.

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