Fantastic Things To Do In Alabama During The Summer

Alabama During The Summer

Alabama is a southeastern state in the United States that is home to breathtaking summer destinations and is also considered an excellent place for visitors to unwind and relax. Due to the range of locations the goal offers, it is known by various nicknames like Yellowhammer, Heart of Dixie, Cotton State, and many more.

If you plan on visiting Alabama in the summers, there are tons of destinations to see, and the road to these destinations is also extraordinary. The locations mentioned in this article include public parks, beaches, museums, etc.

Dip your toes in the waves of Gulf State Park

Beaches and summer temperatures are best friends. So if you want to experience white sand between your toes, pristine, blue water waves, and a cool breeze from the beaches, then you should visit the Gulf Shores.

Dolphin watching in the Gulf of Mexico


Dolphin watching is the best experience you can have during your Alabama summer visits. You can watch the cute animals jump around in the water and wave at their audience. You can also be a part of the dolphin-watching cruise experience, where experts will guide you to have a glimpse of these marine creatures.

Enjoy the lush greenery of Huntsville Botanical Garden.

Huntsville is Alabama’s largest city, and it is worth a visit, especially to take a stroll down the beautiful plants and trees in the garden. The Instagram-worthy sceneries and relaxing atmosphere with birds chirping can make the perfect holiday-relaxation spot.

Fishing at Little River Canyon

To enjoy site-seeing of beautiful rivers, boating, or fishing, you need to visit the Little River Canyon National Reserve. You can practice your fishing skills and compete with friends and family. The place offers a friendly atmosphere that safely welcomes all age groups for a visit during the summer months.

Educate yourself in the Mobile Carnival Museum

This spot is a favorite for all history lovers. It educates its audience on the celebration of Mardi Gras, the originals of Carnival, and many more. The museum also caters to hosting special events in the ambiance.

Enjoy the captivating beauty of Bellingrath Gardens.

For all the garden and botany lovers, this garden feels like home. It is a landscape filled with lush greenery with a wide range of flowering plants like Daffodils, Star Flower, Dianthus, Petunias, and others.

Structures at Ave Maria Grotto

Alabama is home to only one monastery, the Bernard Abbey, named the Benedictine monastery. The place offers a lot of fun stuff for the audience, with 12 miniatures of religious buildings in the area. You can also buy souvenirs like books, mugs, etc., for your family and friends.

Have a relaxing time at Silver Stone Salon and Spa

Relaxing and having stress-free experiences is also one of the crucial experiences of traveling. You can get a comfortable experience at this salon with a wide range of services like whole-body massage, waxing, haircut, and many other benefits. You can end your trip or begin your journey by treating yourself to a relaxing session.

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