School Spring Break

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Inside our schools, spring break starts today for thousands of students. And come next year, everyone may get the vacation at the same time.

There's a bill floating in Montgomery to make that happen. The uniform-start date is a proposal to make all public school systems abide by the same calendar. Not everyone thinks it's a good idea.

Ashley Azar was excited Friday. Her school was getting out for spring break. She's optimistic about her week off and the possibility of all schools having the same calendar next year.

"I think that would be a really good idea; especially when you try to plan things with your friends at a different school," Azar said.

Representative Craig Ford of Gadsden introduced the uniform start date bill. It seeks to unify the calendars of Alabama school systems. The bill has been brought up but will soon go to an education committee.

One reason involves getting standardized test scores back before school starts. Another reason, to stretch out Alabama summers to help the state's tourism industry.

But many school systems have passed resolutions in opposition to the bill. They don't want to lose control of local school calendars.

Grissom high school counselor Sheri Crigger likes the uniform start date idea. Her reason, daycare.

"If we live in the county and they're out for two weeks and we're out for one week, we've got to have daycare for one week and I think that's difficult," Sheri Crigger said. "I also enjoy not having to go back as early; when you get those two extra weeks you have to go back early and stay later and it sure is nice for us to be out that last week in May."

This bill has not come up for discussion in committee. We'll you know what happens when it does.

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